How important is a website audit for an online casino or gambling website?

An evaluation of your website is an integral part of a good marketing strategy. What exactly is a website audit and how can you tell if you need one?

Your market

Knowing where you stand relative to your market is essential. This will allow you to correct, improve and implement effective and targeted strategies.

Your target
If your site does not meet the expectations of your visitors and your conversion rate is very low, it is a sign that you are heading down the wrong path. Studying the comments and opinions from your visitors is also an important way to better identify and understand them.

Your competitors
Discovering your competitors—who they are and what they put up on the Internet—is a necessity. You will also need to evaluate their marketing strategies (their links, their keywords, etc.), not just for inspiration but also to find out how you can be better than them and what you can offer that goes beyond that of your competitors. Identifying the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors will help you to optimize your website.

Your image
It is important to evaluate the image that your company sends to users. Is the image of your business that others perceive what you expected? Or, in contrast, do you want the image of your business to be perceived differently?

Your traffic
Where does your traffic come from now and how can you increase it? This is an important part of an audit, and it will allow you to implement concrete actions and find solutions that will bring you much more traffic over time.

Accessibility, navigation, and design
The user experience should be as pleasant as possible so that your visitors want to stay, return, and share your site with their communities. This requires frequent evaluations and updates of your site. Trends and technologies are constantly evolving, and visitors enjoy sites that are up to date and have the latest features. Also, evaluating your site will let you know if you have any errors that may penalize you with search engines or with users.

Do you need to further develop your website in order to gain more traffic and generate more revenue? Are you having trouble defining the right strategies to adopt? Do not hesitate to contact us for a website audit.

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