Trust in gambling marketing

Trust is an essential element for acquiring consumers. You can offer the best product or service on the market, but if visitors don’t trust you, they won’t come. It’s especially true in the gaming industry. The gambling industry is a very lucrative industry. Unfortunately, the smell of money attracts a lot of bad actors looking for an easy paycheck. There is no such thing as “natural trust” in the gambling industry, especially online. You need to earn and deserve the trust of your consumers.

If a visitor doesn’t trust your brand, he won’t gamble, and he will never become a customer. Once he trusts you, your engagement and conversion rates will increase.
Remember: D. M. Rousseau, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University defined trust as “A psychological state comprising the intention to accept vulnerability based upon positive expectations or behavior of another”.

Quality content

  • Make you sure that you know what you are talking about. Sport betting / Poker / Casinos Games: these are specific universes with specific vocabularies. Always address your audience with the proper vocabulary.
  • Be specific, especially with numbers. Avoid generalities and non-fact-based opinions. Players like numbers, odds, and probabilities. When you mention money, you should be even more cautious.
  • Bring value, produce original content, and be informative and interesting to your audience. If people trust you for offering valuable, well-documented information, they will be more likely to trust you for gambling.

Professional design of your website

  • The overall visual design of a site, including layout, typography, font size, and color schemes, are very important. You will gain trust more quickly from your audience if they have the feeling that they are in a familiar environment.
  • Gambling has its codes, and you need to know them. Colors, expressions, and numbers cannot be used randomly. For ignoring the gaming codes in Asia, the MGM Grand had to change its entrance, which formerly forced customers to walk through the mouth of a lion.

Engage your audience
Your potential consumers need to have the opportunity to interact with your company. Your audience will always be passive at first. If a consumer doesn’t trust your brand, he won’t spend his time trying to call or email you. He needs to be able to find information about you easily and get the feeling that he can get in touch with you at any time. Seeing you interacting with other players will help him to figure out if he can trust you or not. The worst thing, of course, is if he cannot find you.
Develop a real presence:

  • On your site (Live chat forum)
  • On social media
  • On third-party sites: Start discussions about your brand in the forums or comment sections of trusted websites.

Be transparent with your audience

  • Include a detailed “About Us” section: Present your team to your audience. In the gaming industry, a lot of business owners prefer to remain in the shadows. If you publish pictures, names, and backgrounds of the men who are running your business, people are less likely to question the legality and legitimacy of your business.
  • Show your license and gaming agreements.
  • Show that you are a well-established company.
  • Showcase press releases and media appearances.
  • Demonstrate that you are well-integrated in the gambling industry by sharing business awards and memberships in business associations.

Provide no-brainer guarantees and assurances / Credibility indicators especially for payments

  • Display Security and trust seals.
  • Display the logos of trusted payment gateways.

Your consumers will recognize them. If they trust already these indicators, they are more likely to trust your brand. In the gaming industry, they are extremely important. Most of the fears of the players are related to the safety of their funds, money transactions, and game integrity. Displaying logos and seals can be a first answer to their fears.

Demonstrate the value of your customer support

  • Create a FAQ page on each selling page.
  • Create a trust section on your home page: Select 5 pieces of information that you judge to be the most relevant to demonstrate your credibility to your readers. In the gaming industry, we recommend displaying License / Awards/ Security and Trust Seals / Etc. in this section.

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