SEO, an effective tool for casino marketing

As a casino manager, you are probably wondering what the best methods are to increase your notoriety and drive more traffic to your site.

Indeed, promoting an existing casino or a newly created one is not a simple thing because in this type of business many traditional forms of promotion, including television, radio, and billboards, are illegal or severely limited.

So what is SEO?
SEO is a set of techniques that help search engines understand the theme and content of one or all of the pages of a website. These techniques are designed to provide the maximum amount of information about a website’s content to search engine bots. Thus, SEO is a form of alternative marketing that is both simple and effective as a tool for gambling websites to advertise their services. Indeed, no laws forbid your business from naturally appearing in search engine results from, for example, Google or Baidu. Remember, natural results are generally those that appear on the left side of a page of search results, as opposed to sponsored links (SEM) that appear on the right side and as different colors in the first 2-3 top results. Thus, appearing in first page of results for keywords such as “Macau casinos” or “play poker Vietnam” will bring you qualified traffic while being perfectly legal even though you are promoting gambling. Also, visitors who come by this means will be the type of users you really want to target, as opposed to other traditional methods where it’s harder to get targeted traffic. SEO is one of the best, low-cost ways to get qualified traffic and increase the notoriety of a casino.

Define a strategy
To define a SEO strategy, you must first know which country and languages you are targeting. Then, you can define the keywords in every language and every country that are used often to improve your optimization. Optimizing the website may include a redesign of the site structure (urls, menus, etc), the visible text (content, news, etc.), and the invisible text (meta titles, descriptions, etc.), among other criteria. Finally, SEO uses social networks and affiliate links to spread your new, optimized content around the web.

All this work needs to be done regularly and strategically over the course of several months to appear natural. Today, for instance, if your appearance and web linking happens too fast, it does not appear natural to Google’s search engine, which leads to sites being flagged as spam. This is especially true in the gaming industry.

Track your results
The main benefit of SEO as a marketing tool is the ease with which you can track your results. Using Google Analytics, you can actually see the results of your keyword rankings on search engines, and you can see the amount and from which sources your traffic is obtained. That is an undeniable advantage when estimating the cost of a SEO project.

How we are different from our competitors

  • We know our limitations: SEO in the gambling sector is EXTREMELY competitive. We don’t give false promises to rank on ultra popular keyword like “Play casino”. We start our work with audits of your site and your competitors’ sites in order to find acceptable keywords with which you can get good, qualified traffic without risking your core business.
  • We do not cheat with search engines: There are many techniques – “SEO Blackhat” – to fool search engines about the real value of your site. We do not use them even if they are a productive way to achieve display results in the very short term. Those techniques significantly risk the reputation of your site in the medium and long term because search engines are regularly updated, and our experience has shown that cheaters are inevitably and ruthlessly punished by the companies that run the search engines.

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